T-Mobile Q4 2013 earnings – low churn rate

As we were already aware – after John Legere’s press conference at CES – last quarter was incredible for T-Mobile. More than 1.6 million customers joined Magenta’s ranks. 981k of those were branded customer additions, with 869k of those being postpaid. If you’ve been following Tmo’s earnings and reports for a while, you’ll know that those figures alone represent the best quarter T-Mobile’s had for a very long time. In fact, it’s Tmo’s best quarter since the end of 2005.

Another encouraging note, often not given enough mention, is the low churn rate of just 1.7%. That means very few customers are leaving for other companies. It’s also the third quarter in a row that Tmo’s revenue has grown. All in all, it’s a great end to a year that’s seen T-Mobile transform from being a no-hope carrier almost bought by AT&T to one that everyone is talking about.


Full Year 2013 Highlights:

  • Total net customer additions of more than 4.4 million on a pro forma combined basis
  • 2.4 million total branded net customer additions including 2 million branded postpaid and 359,000 branded prepaid customers on a pro forma combined basis
  • Branded postpaid churn of 1.7%, down 70 basis points year-over-year
  • Adjusted EBITDA of $5.317 billion and Adjusted EBITDA margin of 26% on a pro forma combined basis
  • Successful introduction and execution of major Un-carrier initiatives
  • Rapid progress with the integration of MetroPCS by expanding the brand into 30 additional markets
    • Currently 3.5 million MetroPCS customers on the T-Mobile network
  • Met or exceeded all company guidance targets for 2013


Quelle: tmonews.com



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