BlackBerry churn rate at 94 percent with T-Mobile

Normally when we report churn rates, it’s with respect to wireless carriers, and not the devices that run on them. But in this case we’re talking about BlackBerry, which according to information first leaked by Tmo News, is seeing a mass exodus from its platform and devices, even when there is incentives to keep customers in their camp.


According to the leaked sales document, 94 percent of T-Mobile customers trading in their BlackBerry devices for an upgrade are opting for a non-BlackBerry device as their new smartphone. Using these numbers, that essentially means BlackBerry has a 6 percent customer satisfaction rate. Simply put, companies simply don’t and won’t survive on a 6 percent satisfaction rate.


This information comes after T-Mobile launched a promotion guaranteeing any customer trading in a working BlackBerry device a $250 credit towards a new BlackBerry 10 smartphone (see our full review of the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 here). However, the numbers don’t lie, and 94 out of 100 customers are opting for $50 less in credit and breaking their CrackBerry addiction for an iOS, Android, or even Windows Phone device. T-Mobile hasn’t released out of this 94 percent the share of sales among iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.


But what is known is that even the once most hardcore BlackBerry users have apparently grown tired of the platform. Furthermore, as more companies are dumping their expensive BlackBerry Enterprise Servers for Exchange (supported by iOS, Android, and Windows Phone), BlackBerry’s stronghold on business customers has quickly diminished.

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