CRM Data Battles Telecom Churn

One of my Dutch compatriots has recently relocated from London to a beautiful part of the UK called the Cotswolds. It’s a rural setting with chocolate box villages, as many farms as Amsterdam has canals and a god awful cell phone signal, pretty much everywhere. As he was bemoaning this last point to me the other day, I asked him why he didn’t simply switch networks to one that happened to cover more of the British countryside. After he’d phoned me back three times, I finally managed to hear him say that he would do but for the fact that whilst living in London, his network had given him priority ticket access to concerts and had targeted him with personalized offers. As a result, he’d developed a loyalty for the brand and felt a wrench at the thought of leaving. My friend isn’t typical in his reluctance to switch. In fact, the global churn rate of people switching from one provider to another is so prolific in the telecoms sector that network providers everywhere are delving deeper and deeper into big data analytics for solutions. In just one average month in India last year, as many as 91 million people request their mobile number portability (MNP) codes. The sector sees a monthly churn of up to 2.1%. For a company like Vodafone, battling to keep its 16.4% of the Indian market means having to use the data in its customer arsenal with the greatest effect. Across global markets, telecom brands are reliant on mining CRM data to optimise marketing, target more effectively, stay relevant and better retain their customers.

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