After the four major US carriers announced their numbers for the second quarter of the year, it’s time for US Cellular – a small, regional wireless carrier – to announce theirs. The company posted total operating revenues of $980 million for the quarter, that’s an increase from $976 million from the same period last year. Net income that is attributable to US Cellular shareholders were $27 million with diluted earnings per share at $0.32. That was compared to $19 million and $0.23, respectively, the year prior.


As far as customers go, the wireless carrier posted postpaid net additions of 36,000. That was higher than Wall Street’s expectation of about 26,000. US Cellular also posted a churn rate of just 1.2% which is lower than expectations of 1.3%. This is the lowest churn rate that US Cellular has ever had, and thus they are pretty happy with it. For those that don’t know what “churn rate” means, it’s a metric which wireless carriers (and other industries) use to determine how many customers are coming into the company, versus those that are leaving. So ideally, the lower the churn rate, the better. Source: